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Check out our concert on 13.12. in Music Lab

Registration for next wave is gonna be out in middle of December.


Kohutek is something between school, community and platform. We founded it for the purpose of education, instruction and openness in the field of music. We are a vaguely bound group of professional musicians connected with the Brno "Jazz" scene and with the dance school Swing Wings. 
Our goals:

  • We want to raise awareness of the genres we love. 
  • We want to get people to play actively, to start bands and to start to compose. 
  • We want to inspire to listen to music. 
  • We don't want to be surrounded by a culture for which Dbmaj7#11/C is just an unnecessarily complicated wifi-password 


We are teaching regular group courses and private lessons. Group courses like Choir or Bands they take usually from 6-8 weeks

Private lessons

Private lessons can be arranged with each lecturer, regular ones as well as "now-and-then" ones. These classes are suitable for everyone!

Price is normally 500,- for lesson (60minutes)
Depending on subject or agreement with teacher it can be slightly more sometimes.



Bands are at the heart of our teaching. However, they are not suitable for complete beginners. Before playing in a band, it is advised to have some theoretical and practical foundations at hand. (In normal times...) the purpose of each wave is to rehearse repertoire for a performance that takes place in the end of the wave. The specific focus of the bands changes with each wave and or teacher. In general, we teach this:

  • swing
  • jazz
  • blues
  • soul 
  • funk
  • czech folk music (pop or traditional) 

We also have a choir! 

We also coach existing bands. 



Vít Beneš

Guitar, ukulele

Ondra Zámečník

Klavír, akordeon

Hynek Čejka


Martin Matuška

Double Bass, bass guitar

Géraldine "G" Schnyder

Vocals, music theory

Janek Čarek

Vocals, guitar

Michal Grombiřík

Cimbál, Klavír

Petr Svoboda


We have two equipped classrooms - Kurník and Šopa. There is a piano, drum kit, guitar and bass combo, keyboards, sound system, microphones and cables.
If you don't have your own instrument, we can lend you an electric guitar, bass guitar, a cajon, a flute or even a ukulele for your lessons. 


Franz Kafka Špitál
Koliště 43

4th floor
black doors to the left
first two rooms on the right Kurník and Šopa


  1. Do I need to bring my own equipment? (instrument / microphone / amp)
    You definitely don't have to bring microphones and amps! You don't even have to bring bigger instruments like piano, keyboard or drums! If your instrument is mobile, you'd better bring your own, but if you don't own an electric guitar, bass guitar, cajon, ukulele, we'll lend you something for the lesson. 
  2. Do I have to able to read notes?
    You don't have to. It's just one way to write music. There's no reason to necessarily do it exactly like that.
    You definitely can learn reading notes with us, but our teaching is not based on them. If knowledge of reading notes in a subject is required, we will inform you about it in the description.
    When teaching theory and communicating in bands, we work mainly with the names of tones and chords. Not with notes as a graphic notation.
  3. I would like to play a favorite song of mine with the band, is it possible?
    Yes. We try to make bands defined by genre, because each genre requires a different set up. But we are happy to accommodate you with specific songs.