Vít Beneš

He has a dark blue master diploma of jazz guitar from JAMU in Brno. In addition to Brno, he also studied in other world capitals such as Accra in Ghana and Gothenburg in Sweden. He plays in the experimental bands Endemit and PAN, in a band with an accordion "Ondřej Zámečník Quintet" and in a blues group of swing musicians "Prime Minister Benny & his Clumsy Fingers", which he leads under the false name of Prime Minister Benny. And he would almost forgotten the swing band The Dudes of Ellington! He deals with a relatively wide range of genres and styles. From Congolese soukous to dream pop to free improvisation. He is convinced that it is needed and someone has to do it... 

He taught briefly at the Art School in Rtyně in the Krkonoše Mountains at several jazz workshops in Trutnov, Jelenia Góra and Tashkent in Uzbekistan, and he also taught privately. In Kohutek he tends to the guitars and ukuleles.

Janek Čarek

Singer, rhythm guitarist and chronic founder of dance bands. He is currently actively involved in the projects "Heart of Dixie", "Django Jet" and "Prime Minister Benny and His Clumsy Fingers". He also worked on the Django Sisters project, and was a co-founder and arranger for the jazz vocal quartet FourWayClose. He has many years of private education in the field of popular and jazz singing, including prestigious workshops in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and the USA. During the years 2018-2020 he worked as a lecturer at the Private School of Popular Singing in Brno. He teaches singing and choir in Kohútek. He will occasionally play rhythm guitar in a big band.

Michal Cálik

In the years 2008-2014 he studied classical interpretation on the trumpet at the Conservatory in Žilina. In 2014, his interest in jazz expanded so much that he began studying at JAMU in Brno at the Department of Jazz Interpretation, which he completed in 2019. During his studies, he took part in an exchange in Graz at the KUG Jazz Institute Graz, which has the longest tradition of being a jazz school in Europe. During his 6 years of active music career, he has appeared at prestigious music festivals in Slovakia and abroad. He currently works as the leader and arranger of The Dudes Of Ellington (especially for swing dance communities), in the modern-jazz group Kairos Quintet and as a studio and solo player in projects: Valér Miko Trio, Peter Lipa Band, Radovan Tariška Rádio Band, Divergent Orchestra , Peter Adamov & Friends, ZVA 12-28 Band, State Chamber Orchestra in Žilina and many others. Since 2017, he has been privately teaching trumpet, jazz improvisation theory and ear training.

Petr Svoboda

Even before studying at the Jan Neruda Grammar School with a musical focus, the song No banana boogie woogie blues won his heart:


After graduating, which he successfully passed in 2011, he was a student of the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in the field of piano playing for 3 years. He focuses on funk and fusion, but he is also attracted to jazz and blues. He currently works in the bands Fanfán Tulipán (fusion), Veronika & The Band (jazz / pop) and The Bazalcas (live-experiment). He performs keyboard tricks in Kohutek.

Vlado Micenko

Vladimír Micenko is a graduate of the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory (double bass and bass guitar - 2004-2010) in Prague and also a graduate of the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts (Jazz Interpretation, double bass - 2010-2016) in Brno. During his studies, he visited the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen (2015), North Texas University in Denton (2013) and the Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo in Porto (2016). 


He had the opportunity to study with world players and educators such as Thomas Morgan, Reuben Rogers, Kresten Osgood, Lotte Anker, Jim Black, Brian Blade, Shai Maestro, Ziv Ravitz, John Hebert, Ernie Watts.

He is an active sideman on the Czech-Slovak music scene and collaborates with many authentic projects creating original music and original compositions: E Converso, Dust in the groove, SWOMP, Heart of Dixie, Dennyiah or in the group of singer Bára Zmeková (two-time winner of the Czech Music Crossroads competition 2019, nomination for the Anděl award in 2020).


He has collaborated with a number of important musicians such as David Dorůžka, Jiří Levíček, Martin Opršal, Jaroslav Šťastný, Miloš Železňák, Lukáš Oravec.

Kristián Kuruc

Born in 1994, he studied classical drums at the Ján Levoslav Bella Conservatory in Banská Bystrica and continued his jazz studies at JAMU in Brno, where he is currently active.

He is characterized mainly by its musical flexibility and this is also reflected in its genre diversity (Heart of Dixie, Brunnwerk, Ludo Kuruc band). 
He also works in well-known jazz projects - the most famous are the Lubo Gašpar dulcimer project, the Peter Korman quintet, the Peter Palaj quartet, the JK / AC Quartet.

Pic by Eva Svobodová 

Géraldine "G" Schnyder

After having finished her Master Studies in Bern, the Singer Géraldine Schnyder moved to Brno – out of love (not only) for czech liquids. The versatile singer is known for her professionalism and for her curiosity, with which she explores different genres. She works in various Bands as a Side-Woman, for example in the swiss-german quartet schnyder&schnyder&schnyder&schnyder spielen Eggimann, in a Duo project with Vincenc Kummer, and every now and then with the Swiss Pianist Mélusine Chappuis. 

Take a listen on geraldinececile.com 

Petr Pospíšil

Double bass player, bass player, singer, amateur player on almost all musical instruments. Collector of music jokes and comedy music. In addition to a relatively wide range of music centered around the jazz mainstream, he enjoys the less common to obscure and long-overdue techniques of playing the double bass. Member or leader of current or former swing and jazz bands Swing Session, Harlemania, Swingfonix, Petra Ernyei Quartet, Hottentots Orchestra, Jakub Šafr Quartet, Radiolians Orchestra, Shaffer’s Riffers, Günter Kočí Gang; rock’n’roll bands The 6 Fireballs and Gone Hepsville or vocal R&B band Kolenem. In addition, he writes music and arranging, repairs historical microphones and other engineering finesse and sports incompatible with musician's life.