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Wanna Speak louder?
Or do you wanna speak clearer?
Do you want to speak more powerful?
Or maybe you wanna speak longer ʻcause you lose your voice too fast?
Or do you perhaps wanna connect to your voice more and go on a journey with it?

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For the first time I am offering a 3-part Saturday-Morning course in Kohutek. You will learn to listen to and understand your voice better, youʼll be provided with specific exercises how to move you closer to your individual “voice goals” and last but not least you will leave with a first aid kit for when (voice)times are literally rough.

It will be either 12. or 19. November, 10.15 till approx. 13.15. Please, select all days you theoretically are available. The day will be decided on the 4th of November.

Important note: I am not a trained logopedic and there are certainly vocal issues that are “above my paygrade”. Meaning, there are cases where the best advice I have is: Visit a doctor first!

PLACE: Koliste 43, 4th floor of, black door to the left.
MONEY: 500 CZK p/Person.
LANGUAGE: English, join, even if you (think) you donʼt speak it well
UTENSILS: A pen, a snack for a break (Nuts are not recommended, join the course to know why J) PARTICIPANTS: minimum 6 people, maximum 14 people
COVID: If you feel sick-ish, make a self-test before the meeting!